Bringing transparency to property transactions

Historically, the process of purchasing property has been rather fragmented and risky in certain African markets. For many buyers in the diaspora who want a second home on the continent these risks are often too high to move forward on a transaction.

Would the land they purchase perhaps be expropriated by a new regime? Without efficient land registry and title deeds in some markets it can end up being a “your word vs theirs scenario”. Not great when people’s life savings are on the line.

SESO Global is looking to change all of this by offering a unique one-stop-shop for digital real estate transactions.

Through their unique ecosystem of services, they offer buyers access to trusted properties and professional service providers. This allows for a secure end-to-end property purchasing experience along the entire real-estate value chain.

This week we caught up with their founder and CEO, Daniel Bloch to learn more. You can listen to the podcast interview below.

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SESO Global Podcast Interview
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Uber testing ride sharing in Africa

Uber has started testing Pool Chance in Kenya. It’s a feature that lets riders going in the same direction share the cost of the journey. If all goes well it plans to launch in Ghana and Nigeria imminently.

Pool Chance is very similar to UberPool which launched for the first time back in 2014 in San Francisco. The popular low-cost taxi service was phased out due to Covid-19, but now is slowly starting to reemerge in the markets it was launched. Uber are at the same time introducing it where it was unavailable before.

In the news 🚀

🇪🇬 Egyptian e-commerce startup Talabeyah raises $1.1m funding round from a group of Angel investors to bolster early-stage growth.

🇳🇬 Sparkle, a Nigeria digital bank, has raised a US$3.1 million seed funding round to help it invest in infrastructure and scale across the diaspora.

🇳🇬 Nigerian retail-tech startup Alerzo has acquired fintech company Shago Payments as it looks to add another string to its bow in the payments category.

🇳🇬 Sendbox, a Nigerian e-commerce fulfilment startup, has raised a $1.8 million seed funding round to expand it’s operations across West Africa.